There is no such thing as a quick restoration. A restoration means the scooter has to be ‘as factory’, from fasteners to components.

I don’t cut corners and only use the best quality parts available, either reconditioned original parts, New Old Stock, or English/ Italian parts made to original standards & specifications that also look cosmetically identical & indistinguishable from the original part. All the bearings I use cost more, as I only import from Italy, Germany & Japan. I will not use Indian, Korean, Malaysian or Russian etc bearings.

I build every scooter like it’s my own and as if I intend to ride it often and / or over long distances. I am meticulous in all aspects.

I will do a preserved restoration/ rustoration, if it is a valid candidate.

I do not touch any Vietnamese scooters.

Some examples of my work:

My LI150 S2

My Jet200, Before and After

More examples:

The wife’s LI125 S1 (Before)
The wife’s LI125 S1 (after)



“Buffy” (GP200 cut-down)


LI 150 S1 Framebreather

SX 200

LI150 S2

SX200 in Milan show colours

S-Type replica

Italian GP200

LI150 S1

TV175 S2

Italian GP150


LI125 S1

TV175 S3