About Me

Born and raised in Poole, Dorset, England, I was trained and qualified as a mechanical engineer/ toolmaker, and worked in the engineering industry for over 25 years.

I bought my first scooter (a GP150) and joined the Dorset Modrapheniacs Scooter Club at 15 years old, and experienced the first of many memorable scooter rallies (and some not so memorable) taking me all over England and Europe.

Spent the next 25+ years restoring and repairing Lambrettas and Vespas as a part time on/off hobby. I have done full restorations and reconditions, as well as repairs (including some makeshift ones on the side of the road on the way to/from a rally) in the region of 200 scooters, including my own and those of friends and others in the scootering scene.

Immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1996 after meeting a little Aussie girl (now my wife).

The idea of Lambretta Obsessions came into fruition in 2006, after a realisation that life is too short to be taking orders from arseholes. Plus I have slowly had it drummed into me that I have skills which are very valuable to many others.

However – the obsession really began a long time ago – as seen from my photo.  In my ignorant youth when I posed for the photo I chose to stand on the Vespa rather than the Lambretta parked next to it… In any case I guess you could say I was destined for a lifetime involvement with scooters!